What Oral Appliances Help with Sleep Apnea

What Oral Appliances Help with Sleep Apnea

Oral appliances are oftentimes used to treat a wide range of symptoms. When it comes to sleep apnea, these appliances can not only provide the person with better sleep overall, but they can ensure that less dental issues arise when the person is sleeping. For more information regarding oral appliances that you may require while you sleep, it is best to speak with a top dentist in Huntersville for more information based on your specific condition or symptoms.


Oral Appliances That Help With Sleep Apnea

Here is a list of the most common oral appliances that can help with sleep apnea. Each one is prescribed based on the symptoms that the person is having during the night. Only a professional can prescribe what is best for your specific condition.

  • CPAP Machine – This machine ensures that the person is getting enough oxygen as they sleep. Sometimes, when the sleep apnea symptoms are too much for the person, this type of sleep therapy is required to help them better sleep.
  • Mouth Guard – This oral appliance is often one of the best methods of helping someone recover from sleep apnea. When it is used, the person not only sleeps better, but they have less snoring and can breathe better.
  • Mandibular Positioner – This is a device that is placed around the head. It helps ensure that the jaw is in the right place during sleep. It can help the person breathe better, while ensuring that snoring is cut down.

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