Swollen Tonsils and sleep

Swollen Tonsils and sleep

There can be some dental ailments whose cause can be something which is not related to the teeth at all. One such example can be the weak immune system, which would make the teeth and the gums more susceptible to attacks from bacteria and other pathogens. Another major example includes swollen tonsils, which would hinder the passage of air through the windpipe and inhibit breathing. Swollen tonsils usually occur in children. Restricted breathing, in turn, causes crooked and bent teeth. The biggest issue with swollen tonsils come during sleep time, and today we discuss how swollen tonsils affect sleep as well as oral health in general.

Tonsils are set of lymphatic tissues that are present on either side of the throat, and along with adenoids, which is a tissue, help to trap the germs and dust particles from the air we breathe in. Swollen tonsils can occur due to some infections, and may bring with it pain and discomfort. Some symptoms of swollen tonsils include redder tonsils as well a white or a yellow coating on top of them. There is also the change in voice as well as sore throats and earaches due to swollen tonsils. Other symptoms also include difficulty in swallowing food as well as bad breath.

Swollen tonsils can also affect the breathing process, especially during sleep. Common indicators of breathing being affected include snoring as well as the tendency to breathe with the mouth as well as laboured breathing. Children suffering from inhibited breathing due to swollen tonsils also tend to sleep with their mouth open as well as wake from their sleep in a shock. Other indicators also include sleepwalking and bedwetting along with teeth grinding.

Dental experts have found a link between swollen tonsils and sleep apnea, and thus kids having swollen tonsils may need to wear braces in order to allow for unhindered breathing at night. Improper breathing may lead to the inhibited development of jaws as well as crooked or bent teeth.

If the child shows the warning symptoms of swollen tonsils as mentioned above, an immediate visit to the dentist is needed in order to plan for the next course of action for the treatment of the problem.  The dentist may also refer your child to an ENT or an ear, nose and throat surgeon for further assessment and treatment of the ailment.

Catching a hold of breathing problems during sleep is extremely vital to ensure a healthier breathing lifestyle for the child as they gain advancement in age. While problems can be treated at any age, it is better if they are detected and treated at the early age, as the body is growing at that period of time and would recover at a rapid rate.

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