Patient Reviews

“I went to Dr. Reimels a few months ago because of snoring that was increasing in frequency, waking up my wife (and me very shortly thereafter). I went through a sleep study that showed an instance of apnea with oxygen saturation dropping down to 71, so I was fitted for the nighttime device. Once it arrived and I began using it, my wife noted I was only snoring when on my back (which is rare) and even then, it was much quieter than previously. I have not had any challenges with using it, including no jaw or tooth pain, and my jaw quickly resets in the mornings after removal. I have not yet been back for a 2nd sleep study, but my oxygen saturation was monitored for 4 consecutive nights with device use, and did not drop below 95 (out of 100), which is great! My apnea and almost all of the snoring has been fixed!”
– Huntersville, NC Patient


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