Ways to stop grinding your teeth when sleeping

Ways to stop grinding your teeth when sleeping

A lot of people have the tendency to grind or clench their teeth and this condition of gnashing of teeth together is called Bruxism. The majority of people suffering from Bruxism do not even know about it. Several others grind their teeth when they are sleeping, with the condition being termed as sleep bruxism. It is extremely important to realize the effects of grinding teeth during sleep as it can lead to significant and even irreversible tooth damage. Hence, it is important to know about it as well as ways to stop grinding your teeth when sleeping.

While sleep bruxism, or grinding teeth at night during sleep has no specific cure, the below steps will definitely help anyone suffering with the ailment to gain respite. Bruxism treatment involves two forms, the first focusing on the symptoms of the disorder, while the other focusing on treating the disorder itself by lessening the occurrence of the symptoms.

Treatment for teeth grinding symptoms include a variety of ways, mostly focused on relieving soreness and tooth pain. These treatments including using warm washcloth on the jaw for pain relief as well as massaging the jaw and neck muscles to release the pressure on these muscles. Exercises of the jaw as well as muscle relaxants also help as well as visiting a chiropractor. On the other hand treatment for getting rid of teeth grinding include reducing stress and increasing the water intake. It also involves getting more sleep and relaxing the muscles of the face and the jaws. It also involves avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

Mouth guards can be a lifesaver in the fight against bruxism and they are worn at night to prevent and guard against teeth grinding together. The mouth guard prevents teeth damage even during grinding as the guard takes the impact of the grinding. Generally, two types of mouth guards are available, one which is custom made by the dentist according to the shape and size of your jaws and the other non-custom variety which can be easily be purchased from drug stores. Regular jaw exercises can also help against grinding your teeth when sleeping. A chiropractor can recommend specialized exercises in order to relax and increase the strength of your jaw. These exercises do not take any effort but doing these everyday can work wonders.

While there is no specific treatment or cure for grinding your teeth while sleeping, these ways and methods can go a long way to minimise teeth grinding and protect your teeth from further damage and wear. They can also help in significant savings in the form of dental work which would be needed in case of tooth damage.

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