Dry Mouth Can Wreck Your Teeth

Dry Mouth Can Wreck Your Teeth

One of the most important functions your mouth has in terms of keeping itself healthy is coating all of your oral tissues with saliva. Your saliva is the savior of your mouth. It can adjust the pH balance of your mouth to help bring down acids. It can also clean debris off of your teeth and infuse a lot of nutrients right into your teeth and other oral tissues. If your teeth begin to dry out and don’t get coated with enough saliva, then you could struggle with a lot of problems.

Snoring Causes a Lot of Dry Mouth Problems

Dry Mouth Can Wreck Your TeethDry mouth is common for people who snore. They sleep with their mouth open, either partly or entirely. This means that the saliva within their mouth begins to dry out. As a result, this means your oral tissues also dry out and aren’t being protected. This can become the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria in your mouth. Your saliva washes off a lot of the bacteria that grow in your mouth. So, when the saliva suddenly disappears, your teeth can pay the price.

One way of helping yourself not struggle as much with dry mouth is by making sure you do not snore at night. This could mean sleeping in a different position. This could also mean using an oral appliance when you sleep. By having an oral appliance in your mouth during sleep, you can keep your oral tissues moist, plus not struggle to breathe. Your doctor may recommend an oral appliance to help you sleep better, or you can come in and see us about getting a mouth guard to sleep in at night.

Call us here at Carolinas Dental Sleep Center and let us help you manage your snoring. By managing your snoring, you are also keeping your mouth healthier and allowing your teeth to stay more protected at all times of the night. Let us help you stop snoring, and protect your mouth at the same time.