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What are deep gum pockets and could they affect you?

Gum pockets are the spaces or gaps that are in-between your teeth and the gum that surround it. Your dentist or dental hygienist may use a tiny little ruler that is also known as a probe to measure the space between your gum and your tooth (the pocket). If you currently have healthy gums then […]

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Swollen Tonsils and sleep

There can be some dental ailments whose cause can be something which is not related to the teeth at all. One such example can be the weak immune system, which would make the teeth and the gums more susceptible to attacks from bacteria and other pathogens. Another major example includes swollen tonsils, which would hinder […]

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Ways to stop grinding your teeth when sleeping

A lot of people have the tendency to grind or clench their teeth and this condition of gnashing of teeth together is called Bruxism. The majority of people suffering from Bruxism do not even know about it. Several others grind their teeth when they are sleeping, with the condition being termed as sleep bruxism. It […]

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