Best Sleeping Positions for Fewer Apnea Episodes

Best Sleeping Positions for Fewer Apnea Episodes

If you suffer from sleep apnea, then you know how exhausted you can be when it comes to not having a restful night’s sleep. When the apnea is not taken care of sooner, you will continue to feel run down even after feeling like you have been in bed for some time. Many people wonder how they are able to have fewer apnea episodes overall. Here are some of the sleeping positions that can help you.


The Best Sleeping Positions for Fewer Apnea Episodes

These sleeping positions can ensure that you have a more restful night’s sleep and you don’t have to worry about a thing when the time comes. Sleep in one of these positions to make sure that you can breathe easier and feel better the next morning.

Sleeping on your side is the best thing that a person can do when sleeping with sleep apnea. Stay away from sleeping on your back if at all possible, since this can cause the apnea to become much worse and cause the person to not be able to breathe. Reduce the chances of having something happening when you sleep on your side over sleeping on your back.

Sleeping on your stomach can also be beneficial, but not as beneficial as sleeping on one of the sides. It might also obstruct your airway if you sleep next to pillows that get in the way.


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